Grand Rapids duo launches community job board to help workers connect with side gigs

There weren't any fireworks, kazoos, noisemakers or revelers singing “Auld Lang Syne” when Naybr launched on January 1. There was nothing fancy, just a simple Facebook post thanking friends for their encouragement and support, which seems very appropriate since Naybr is designed to make it easier and safer to get simple jobs handled.
Naybr is a Grand Rapids tech application company founded by Michael Weitzman and Nate Harr.
The team launched their first product, Naybr, a web-based community job board where users post and/or accept side jobs in their local area. For example, a quick search on the site this week showed jobs in the Grand Rapids area for office cleaning, a safety officer and more. The platform coordinates all communications, payments and feedback.
Harr says he first began thinking about the concept in 2014 and began working with Weizman to design the software for the service. He says they are aiming to improve the experience for both the individuals who want to have side jobs completed and for those looking to earn a little extra money doing this type of work.
"There was no way for people get small jobs completed that was easy and safe,” Harr says.
Harr says their platform is significantly different than other services, such as Craigslist and Angie's List, describing Naybr as being more like Uber and Airbnb.
"We track the entire job process for both the worker and the poster,” he explains.
At this time, Naybr is focused on facilitating small side jobs, primarily projects that are outside and exterior to the home.
"These are not services that require licensed professionals,” Harr says, although he adds they are considering these type of services in the future.
The next step for the Naybr team is to create a native app for mobile platforms and to explore funding and development through a startup incubator.
To learn more, follow their Facebook page here or visit their website here.
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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