Where to work it in a West Michigan Winter

Winter is here, and as any good Michigander knows, just because it has hit 40 degrees it does not mean the weather will stay this way. If you have set resolutions for healthier habits in this new year, then a long Michigan winter can certainly put a damper on your plans.

Have you been slacking on your efforts to meet your new goals? Finding it hard to motivate yourself to jump right in with a fury?

Not to worry! Having that flash of energy to attempt two-a-day workouts might be able to get you through two weeks straight, but burnout is real. You can only burn that hot for so long. Slow and steady wins the race, and when the race is lifelong, you should be aiming for a healthy slow burn that changes your habits and, most importantly, keeps you happy. 

West Michigan has all the options on the spectrum for gyms, from local 24-hour fitness centers all the way to our friend’s at the YMCA and MVP, and everything in between. When the gym just is not cutting it and you need a change of pace and environment here are some different options to stay active this winter.

Higher Ground 851 Bond Ave NW
Indoor climbing and bouldering can be a deceptive way to burn calories and still have lots of fun. This indoor climbing facility is tucked away just north of downtown Grand Rapids.

Terra Firma 1555 Marshall Ave SE
A brand new facility near the South East End neighborhood brings an enormous indoor bouldering wall along with a training section. Terra Firma changes the climbing routes placed on their routes regularly so you won’t run out of adventure. Trying to fit in climbing into your schedule? No worries, this facility also offers coworking space, alongside showers, and free wifi.

Inside Moves 639 76th St SW, Byron Center
Indoor rock climbing for all our friends in the Greater Grand Rapids Area. Just south is another large indoor facility with 31-foot walls that has serviced the climbing community for many years. Now that Inside Moves has been acquired by the good folks at Higher Ground, dual membership passes are available to pass between locations with ease.

CKO kickboxing 820 Monroe Avenue NW Suite 150, 
The formula here is simple: move fast. The team at CKO does kickboxing, and it does it at a blistering pace. They take beginners and everyone else that wants to hit a bag fast. You will learn how to kick, punch, and sweat your butt off.

Bokssport 1614 Leonard St NW
Train like a boxer, literally. Owner and local legend Buster Mathis Jr brings his career knowledge of the sweet science into your workouts at this Westside location. You will get put through your paces in this boxer’s gym.

Life Addicts 2427 Eastern Avenue
"Create life habits" is the motto of this boutique fitness studio where the wife and husband duo owners are working to create an intentional community of healthy members. Nestled in the growing Alger Heights neighborhood, this new fitness alternative services one of the city’s most overlooked areas.

8th Day Gym 130 Market Ave
We have all heard of it, we may have even seen it. Crossfit is not a fad; it is here to stay. 8th Day Gym provides Grand Rapidians with the hardcore workout that your body craves.

FZIQUE 740 Michigan St. NE #110
Indoor cycling meets nightclub. The team at Fzique believes that life is a party and they are having fun and laughing all the way. There is currently a promotion valued at $1248 for only $99. So get on that bike, and start the burn!

AM Yoga 555 4th Street Suite 200
The leaders at AM Yoga have truly begun to innovate the yoga game. You can find them in different locations across the city hosting community classes. After working and stretching out your body you can also calm your mind with their guided meditations. Heal your body and mind, all in one place.

Funky Buddha: Yoga Hot House 1331 Lake Drive SE, 820 Forest Hills Ave
A staple in the Eastown neighborhood, this place is a yogi’s dream. The Funky Buddha offers five different types of classes including a slow flow class, a power flow set to music, and classes for absolute beginners.

Allegro Coaching 1422 Robinson Rd SE #201
This small boutique studio offers large group classes, small group training, and one-on-one training options. The team at Allegro is about more than just fitness; they center physical conditioning as their core. So if you are looking for a group of people who will be your fan, advocate, and partner in your journey, you have found the right place.

Beer City Barre 820 Monroe Ave NW Suite 120 
“Barre is a total body workout that incorporates elements of yoga, pilates, and dance into a fast-paced 60-minute class set to upbeat music," according to their website. Using both small and large range motions, "This is a low impact workout that yields HUGE results,” they add. They make a convincing statement, so go and head on out to their location on North Monroe!

The Dailey Method 1551 Wealthy St. SE
Owner Jill Dailey takes what she has learned and cultivated in New York and San Francisco to the city of Grand Rapids. “The Dailey Method combines ballet barre work, core conditioning, and muscle strengthening through yoga, pilates, and orthopedic exercise,” according to their website. Be sure to take advantage of their two-week unlimited class special for only $45.

While on your road to a healthier life, remember to keep your eyes on your own journey. We all move at a different pace, and our processes will all look different. Remember to give yourself forgiveness for the big and small mistakes. The whole process is bigger than a cheat meal or a bad weekend. You are enough, and you will make it.

Ken Miguel-Cipriano is Rapid Growth’s innovation and jobs editor. To reach Ken, you can email [email protected] or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.
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