Built in West Michigan. Technology to help children thrive.

There's a new kid online and it wants to help children become more successful by identifying their natural learning and personality styles and providing parents and teachers with insights into what can make children thrive.

Kidtelligent is the new online business launched by Roger Jansen along with partners Atomic Object, and Jeff and Craig Tiggleman.

Development of Kidtelligent began in 2008 and has its foundation in over 30 years of research, according to Jansen.

"There is existing research on how kids from a wide range of backgrounds thrive," states Jansen. "Wouldn't it be helpful if parents knew this information?"

The website, built by Atomic Object, is designed to be simple and to provide value within the first 10 minutes. Targeting children ages 7-13 and their parents, the initial experience starts with a survey which resulting in a profile. Parents and educators are then directed to several tips and techniques targeted toward that specific personality type.

Besides the insights from the survey, there are significant online features built into the site, which will allow users to share their experiences, building both content and knowledge.

Carl Erickson, president of Atomic Object, is takes pride in the process leading up to the launch.

"A lot of people don't think this type partnership and development of a web-based business can happen in West Michigan," he says. "The launch of Kidtelligent is a great example of the opportunities that exist in this area for technology entrepreneurs to start a business, despite contrary opinions on the lack of the resources. It looks like a start-up coming out of Silicone Valley."

To learn more about Kidtelligent, you can visit  their website here.

Source:  Roger Jansen, Kidtelligent and Carl Erickson, Atomic Object
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs Editor

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