Hoekstra companies keep on trucking

The Hoekstra family of companies including Hoekstra Transportation, Hoekstra Specialty Vehicles and Hoekstra Truck Equipment are positioning themselves for growth and increased visibility in 2012. "We've been in Grand Rapids since 1928, and we feel as though we are not very visible to the public," states Alex Buchanan, director of marketing and advertising.

The company, which employs around 50 people, recently added two professional positions: Buchanan's marketing position, and Doug Hess, general manager at Hoekstra Truck Equipment. 

Buchanan indicates the one strategy for growth is adding new product lines such as Gravely, a commercial lawn care line that will be available in the spring. Buchanan says that Gravely is a nationwide brand, but does not have a strong presence in West Michigan. Besides sales growth, this addition potentially could lead to more hiring as well.

Buchanan also says that all the Hoekstra companies will have a bigger presence online and in the community. "All of our social media accounts are updated, including Twitter and Facebook. Our websites are new, we are launching advertising campaigns and [we] will start to have open houses in the summer."

To learn more about the Hoekstra companies, you can view their website here.

Source: Alex Buchanan, Hoekstra Transportation
Writer, John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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