Third Coast Real Estate launches new venture, adds staff

Third Coast Real Estate, a self-described "boutique real estate brokerage," is embarking on a new venture. Builder's Advantage Group will offer sales and marketing support specifically for builders.

To support the new venture and Third Coast Real Estate, owner and broker Brad Blackport says the firm has brought on Jeff Hill to handle the sales and marketing role. 

Hill has over six years of residential and commercial real estate experience and also has a background in the construction industry, which Blackport feels will be a key to their success. "Jeff has worked for builders, so he knows the industry," he says.

Blackport says this new service is a better way for builders to connect in the market place. "It is pretty unique for the Grand Rapids area. Many builders used their own sales force and sold out of model homes, but with the housing downturn, builders outsourced their sales and marketing."

Blackport explains that the outsourcing was often done to marketing firms outside of the real estate industry, which he says is where the opportunity is for his new venture. "We are different because we understand the industry. We work and have experience in the construction industry."

Besides working with Third Coast Real Estate, Hill is also publisher of Rapid Growth Media.

To learn more about Third Coast Real Estate, you can click here. To learn more about Builder's Advantage, you can visit their site here.

Source: Brad Blackport, Third Coast Real Estate
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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