Banking's changing landscape creates new job opportunities

Senior VP and CIO of Mercantile Bank, John Schulte, sees technology driving major changes and creating new opportunities in the world of banking. 

"The change is in how our customers work with us," Schulte explains. "They are now going through electronic channels, primarily using their mobile devices, and they don't come to bank as often. It has caused a shift in where we are headed to support those channels."

The opportunities are new tech-centric jobs in banking and developing innovative solutions for their personal and business customers.

Schulte cites examples of partnering with Intuit for the handling of remote payments, and for increasing the options for online billing needs.  "A key part of our strategy is to develop innovative services that allow small businesses to focus on growth and less on back office functions," he says. 

For job hunters, especially recent graduates, Schulte stresses the importance of internships, but also adds that individuals must be in tune in with the times. "Future jobs in banking will require individuals to be more savvy with technology," he says. "Everyone we will hire has to understand the importance of technology to the future of banking." Schulte says that Mercantile is always looking for individuals with a technology background and an interest in banking. 

You can view Mercantile's website here for more information on their banking programs and career opportunities.

Source: John Schulte, Mercantile Bank
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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