GR Current adds new entrepreneur-in-residence

Dr. Stanley Samuel has joined GR Current as an entrepreneur-in-residence, where he will focus on helping to grow the life science and medical device community in the region.

In his new role, Dr. Samuel will provide a wide range of consulting and coaching for startups, from ideation to technology validation. He will also help advise on company structure, business planning, investor pitches and plan out the regulatory path with the FDA. "Any company in (the) medical device and life science industry needs an understanding of how a product is received by the FDA. It is very important to lay it out early and get feedback," says Samuel.

Besides his role with GR Current, Dr. Samuel is the founder of OcuSano, Inc, one of several life science startups that is choosing to base their operations in Grand Rapids, even though the region is not yet really known for these types of businesses. "The industry is not real well known here yet," says Samuel. "GR  Current wants to focus on recruiting talent to West Michigan. Life science can be a big job creator." Dr. Samuel adds that these are typically high paying professions, including engineering, drug development, chemists and pharmacology.

If interested in accessing the services at GR Current, Dr. Samuel suggests you make an appointment and drop in to their new facility: "Go to and you can contact anyone on the team." He says you don't need a business plan to make an appointment. "You can come with an idea. We are encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit," he says.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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