Black Lake Studio and Press has a great story

As the traditional business model of the book publishing industry continues to unravel, the now eight-person team at Holland-based Black Lake Studio and Press is adeptly filling the void by offering a variety of services centered around the telling of great stories. 
Founder Greg Smith recalls the genesis of his business, which provides both marketing and branding services as well as a craft publishing platform.  "In 2006, I started my own firm after working as a freelancer doing ghost writing. During that time, I used a network of other freelancers and continued to work with a number of people over the last few years. In the last year, I decided to consolidate everyone. So instead of a team of freelancers, we have a company."

Smith is especially excited about the new opportunities in craft publishing. "Traditionally, it was very difficult to publish a book and get it into bookstores," he says, recalling his experience as an editor at a large publishing house where there would be 1000-2000 manuscripts sent in per day.  

Now, through technological advances in publishing and communication, Smith relates that it is all about niche and smart marketing. "What you are seeing is a great time to write. Small markets create nice opportunities, and we are looking to help develop authors and grow the craft publishing industry in the Great Lakes region."

In the future, Smith envisions adding more talent to his team, especially for web development as demand for his services continues to grow. Smith also adds that they are actively looking for authors, especially in the non-fiction/business genre.

To learn more about Black Lake Studio and Press, you can visit their site here.

Source: Greg Smith, Black Lake Studio and Press
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Job News Editor
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