American Seating new product lines are designed for active learning

American Seating will be unveiling two new product lines at this year's NeoCon June 9-11 in Chicago. Both new product lines are designed to give instructors and students the ability and flexibility to configure the classroom to optimize the learning experience.

Rely is the table line design that features options for flip and nest storage plus a variety of options for sizes, mobile and stationary applications, edge profiles, finishes, power and data technology, wire management and modesty panels.

Complementing the table line, Nima is the family of chairs designed by the famous furniture designer Giancarlo Piretti. The chair's  articulating back movement provides for a more comfortable and ergonomic seating experience. Each chair in the line also offers stacking and mobility functionality.

Deb McDermott, vice president of marketing, says the trend toward "active learning" environments is changing the way many instructors and students interact: "Teaching and learning styles have changed over the years. More and more instructors want (the) ability to change the classroom quickly."  

McDermott says that today's classroom environment requires flexibility in how tables and chairs are organized in the classroom, especially for project-based learning that emphasizes collaboration and teamwork.  

Besides enhancing the instructional environment, there are also very practical issues that these new designs address. "One of the biggest challenges is when the student comes to class," McDermott says. She explains many students are coming into a class prepared for multiple classes -- and the ability to store extra books, laptops, tablets, water bottles and other material is a real challenge. "We did our research and observed the learning experience. There were many backpacks on the floor and they might reconfigure the desks  two to three times during a class."

McDermott also says both the Rely and Nima line also have a broader use within corporate learning and training environments.

The new products will be introduced at American Seating's permanent showroom on the 10th floor, space # 148 at NeoCon. The Rely line will be available for shipping in September. The Nima chair will be available in the spring of 2015. More information can be found at

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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