Big deals driving to the next big jump in business

The big deal.

Literally speaking, the "big deals" with are the great deals on a wide variety of products. The Holland-based startup offers consumers one of the largest online selections of distressed goods from around the country. It follows a business model very similar to the travel site, Kayak, by compiling the best product deals from various e-commerce platforms on one easy-to-use site. 

Figuratively speaking, the "big deal" is the growth.

The firm, which officially launched in Holland in 2013, currently employs five full-time staff and has a team of six contractors. The business also has hit several milestones, including 2 million users, over $69 million in total value of items listed, a $95,000 investment from StartGarden and the near completion of a "bridge round" of funding, which essentially closes the gap between seed investment and the next round of funding that the founder Tom Liravongsa says will allow him to make "the next big jump in business" - which, it turns out, is quite the jump.

The big jump.

Liravongsa says that because his company was able to "get massive traction," he has attracted significant interest from investors in Silicon Valley and will soon be moving headquarters to the San Francisco area, where access to funding, talent and networking are aligned with his business needs. "At a networking event in Holland my extended reach is the local bank or attorney's office," he says. "What happens in the west coast when you talk about your site you immediately are taking to people with experience with Yelp, Google, and eBay. The density is entirely different."

Although needing to move away from West Michigan to grow might be disheartening to some, will be adding jobs in West Michigan as its product development team remains local and opens an office in Grand Rapids.  

To learn more about you can visit their site here. The company also has immediate job openings for an information architect and programmer. If interested you can mail an inquiry to [email protected]

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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