Silicon Valley knocks at West Michigan firm's door

Over the past year, Grand Rapids-based design firm Visualhero, has grown from four employees to 12 by providing innovations solutions to its clients in both West Michigan and on the West Coast.

"A lot of our business is in Silicon Valley, both through startups and large corporations," says founder/art director Andy Van Solkema. "We built a relationship with them in the last two years and now 50 percent of our work comes from the West Coast." They also, he adds, have a growing client list in Michigan.

Van Solkema describes his firm as "technology agnostics," explaining their focus is on providing their clients with the best possible solution and can work with any technology that is best for the project. "We have a multifaceted team: graphic designers, user design and experience, design research and data visualization. Some are industry veterans and others are just one to two years out of school."

Although non-disclosure agreements won't allow the identification of several of his West Coast clients, Van Solkema is very proud that a number of those companies in Silicone Valley have sought out their services. 

"We are in a managed growth mode. We are constantly keeping an eye on good people," adds Van Solkema.

To learn more about Visualhero, you can visit their website here.

Source: Andy Van Solkema, Visualhero
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor.
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