BandA Tech Solutions provides small businesses with big business I.T. support

As more small businesses realize that I.T. is key to their success and mission, the bigger the opportunity there is for service firms to fill that need.

A case in point is the growth of Holland-based BandA Tech Solutions. Founded in 2011 by Bill Badran, the firm provides a wide variety of I.T. management, support and training services for small businesses.

Badran says his company has experienced steady growth since entering the market three years ago and credits his firm's approach to customizing I.T. support for each of his clients. "We begin with a tech assessment, first evaluating staff and hardware," he says. "The assessment then helps determine staffing and training needs."  

Badran says his firm has worked within multiple sectors in the private sector and recently has begun to explore opportunities to provide managed I.T. services and training in the nonprofit sector. "We feel there are opportunities in the nonprofit sector and are working with nonprofit throughout the country," says Badran. "They question 'how do we stay on top of technology without relying on volunteers?'"

Besides traditional I.T. services, Badran says his firm is expanding into training businesses how to use and leverage social media, new devices and, in the case of health care, be compliant with privacy and security regulations.

Currently BandA Tech has four full-time employees, with Badran anticipating more jobs to be added in the upcoming months.

To learn more about BandA Tech, you can view their site here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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