Startup aspires to be largest digital library in the world for churches

John Hwang has been involved in multiple ventures within the technology sector for well over a decade. His resume includes several software development and strategy positions, including founding and serving as CEO of Grand Rapids-based Mutually Human Software. 

Hwang's newest venture, Goodberry, continues within the software and technology industry, but with a twist -- and an ambitious vision.

"Goodberry is to be the largest Christian DVD, book, and bible study lending service in the world," Hwang says. "It's like Netflix for Christians and churches."

Hwang envisions Goodberry as a service that will offer over 50,000 Christian videos, books, and other resources for a low monthly fee. In addition to the monthly subscription service, Goodberry will also have streaming and book lending services in the very near future. "Our goal is to be the virtual library for your community, church, and school."

The inspiration for Goodberry came from a problem that Hwang encountered. "I had the experience of buying expensive DVDs for small bible study groups. It felt wasteful with our limited resources, and I knew it would be better if we could find a way to share resources."

Currently, Hwang is working with a team of five, but this number will soon expand, especially with future plans for a physical, bricks-and-mortar distribution center. "There have been a lot of changes in the publishing industry," he says. "What has been exciting is how encouraging everyone has been within this industry."

To learn more about Goodberry, you can visit their site here and here.

Source: John Hwang, Goodberry
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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