Local software community brings Google I/O Extended to Grand Rapids

Google I/O, held in San Francisco, is one of the premier technology conferences in the world. Google I/O features highly technical, in-depth sessions focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more.

The conference is popular, to say the least. In fact, it has become so popular that tickets to attend the event are about as difficult to get your hands on as tickets to a seventh game of a World Series. These days, for an opportunity to purchase a ticket, you have to enter a raffle.

To accommodate the demand, Google created I/0 Extended, an opportunity for a local developer community to stream the event live, plus add a layer of local speakers and breakout sessions to complement the program and showcase the tech talent.

Leading the charge to bring Google I/O Grand Rapids to West Michigan are Dan Mikita, Carlus Henry, Adam Clarke and Dr. Jonathan Engelsma, and Dr. Hans Dulimartaat from Grand Valley State University.

Engelsma says this event is an essential conference for anyone in the the software industry: "It's very important for software developers, both from large corporations and small firms. We already have a vibrant community in Grand Rapids and it made sense to help get this off the ground here."

The Grand Rapids event will be held at Loosemore Auditorium at Grand Valley State University on June 25 and 26. Mikita says "the format will be six breakout rooms and one keynote in the auditorium. Four of the six rooms will be streaming the live content from Google, while the other two will have live in-person presenters. The rooms will constantly keep rotating (so) as to give all rooms an equal opportunity to have a great turnout."

Thanks to its sponsors, the event is free, although seating is limited so please RSVP here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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