AGA Marvel flexes its design muscles in national competition

For a first time entry into the prestigious ADEX Awards, Greenville, Michigan-based manufacturer AGA Marvel did pretty darn well.

Of the 2,000 product submissions, AGA MARVEL gained multiple awards for several of its products, including The Marvel Beer Dispenser, a Platinum Award Winner for Design Excellence; The AGA City24 Cast Iron Range, a Platinum Award Winner; the Marvel Professional Beverage Center, a Gold Award Winner; and a Marvel High-Efficiency Gallery Wine Cellar, a 2015 nominee.

Leah Clark, media and communications lead for the company, says AGA MARVEL typically keeps a low profile but this year's launch of several new products was really significant, so they decided to share their work more broadly by entering the competition. "This the first year we proactively submitted products," she says. "We are very modest and don't always tout what we do." Besides winning awards, AGA MARVEL is growing, adding 37 new hires in 12 months, with more openings waiting to be filled.

ADEX stands for Awards for Design Excellence. There are several categories, each with a potential for three award levels of platinum, gold or silver. Judges award points in several categories for each entry. Total points earned determine each product's score. Minimum scores are needed to qualify for each award level.

AGA MARVEL is a North American subsidiary of AGA Rangemaster. The company employs nearly 200 Michigan workers.

To learn more about the organization you can view their site here and LinkedIn page here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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