Another fresh perspective on the mobile food scene

Within the last year, the Grand Rapids mobile food scene has been bolstered  with a food truck, mobile grills, pizza ovens and traveling chefs. Now, straight from the farms of Pennsylvania, comes the newest entree to the local menu: The Silver Spork food truck.

According to Molly Clauhs, founder of the The Silver Spork, "I was moving to Grand Rapids and I wanted to start a business. I just turned 23, so I figured it was time to have my own business. Initially, I was looking to start a cooking school following what my mom and grandmother did in Pennsylvania, but it became overwhelming with the investment."   

After brainstorming about business ideas with her uncle, Jack McClennen, who travels frequently to Los Angeles and was enthused about the food truck scene, they decided this might be a food-based opportunity worth exploring.  "Two weeks later, I bought a food truck on eBay," she says. "It all came together."

The Silver Spork, currently based out of Rockford, opened June 18 at the Rockford Farmers Market and was at the Plainfield market the following Tuesday. The past weekend they worked at the Grand River Water Festival.

Clauhs indicates describing her food niche as "developing," but with a focus on locally sourced, fresh and typically cooked from scratch.  

And like her menu, the business is also developing.

"I am still figuring things out," Clauhs says, especially working through the routes and events where food trucks are welcome.  

In the meantime, you can follow The Silver Spork on both Facebook and Twitter. Clauhs indicates they will have a complete route schedule published soon, but they are also available for catering and corporate events.

Source: Molly Clauhs, The Silver Spork
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs Editor
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