Transportation firm adds new vehicle line, creates job

Hoekstra Transportation has become the West Michigan dealer for the innovative MV-1, the first purpose-built vehicle that is completely wheelchair accessible.

According to Alexandra Buchanan, director of marketing and advertising,  the addition of this new line continues Hoekstra's growth and diversification. "We are very excited about being able to bring this vehicle to the Grand Rapids community, which we believe is very forward thinking in transportation and providing the best for the community," she says. 

Buchanan says the vehicle will be sold directly to end users. As a result, the firm has also added Johnnie Tuitel to its team as a sales representative. Tuitel will be responsible for all sales to end users.

Fleet sales will also become available as they gauge markets such as public transportation and taxi services where there is a need to increase accessibility for individuals in wheelchairs.

The MV-1 is a U.S.-manufactured vehicle (VPG Autos). To learn more about the MV-1, you can visit their site here. For more information on Hoekstra Transportation, you can visit their site here.

Source: Alexandra Buchanan, Hoekstra Companies
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Job News Editor
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