Local attorney launches micro-publishing service

"I have a love for writing," is the explanation given by local attorney Christopher Gibbons on the inspiration for launching Morris Avenue Publishing, a micro-publishing service utilizing local print shops.

As Gibbons began writing more, he says he also grew frustrated with the process of getting his work published. He found the traditional route of submitting transcripts, dealing with publishers and agents not only to be onerous, but requiring too much compromise and editing, getting away from the author's own voice.

Not willing to let his frustration with the traditional process prevent him from sharing his work with others, Gibbons took matters into his own hands and launched Morris Avenue Publishing, figuring "the best way to get it done was to become a self-publisher."

Gibbons is very serious about creating a new channel for authors to get their work published, but admits that he is "figuring it out as he goes along."

There are currently two books ready for purchase on the site (both his own); a third book by another author will be ready for publication soon.

Although there is no specific genre for the books that he looks for, Gibbons wants to focus on "positive, forward-thinking writing and themes celebrating individuality and independence."

Currently, you can buy books from Morris Avenue Publishing online and also at the Fulton Street Artisans Market.

To contact Gibbons with book proposals, he asks you send him a note through his website.

Sources: Christopher Gibbons, Morris Avenue Publishing
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs Editor
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