Grand Rapids green lodging pioneer adds charging station for electric vehicles

For proprietor Jane Lovett, the decision to install an electric charge station at Peaches Bed and Breakfast was an easy decision.

"We have been green before green," Lovett explains. "Peaches was the first green lodging in Grand Rapids, first in the state and first B&B in the country. It seemed like a perfect fit and we wanted to stay ahead of the curve."

Lovett indicates the customer reaction has been very positive. "They think it is good idea and many want to get a car," she says. The U.S.-made electrical station will charge the guest vehicles overnight for approximately $2 worth of electricity.  

Peaches has been part of the State of Michigan's Green Lodging Program since 2007 and the charging station is one of many green practices that Peaches has in place.

To learn more about Peaches, you can visit the website here.

Source: Jane Lovett, Peaches Bed and Breakfast
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs Editor

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