Telecommunication firm's acquisition to bring new jobs and more services to West Michigan

Richard Koch, a director of Quincy, Mass.-based 382 Communications, was very optimistic about his firm's acquisition of iServ. "West Michigan was a good find for us. We are East coast fellows and seasoned teleconference professionals," he says. "When the iServ opportunity presented itself, it made sense for us to purchase. It offered a community and a market."

It will be a mix of business as usual and a whole new ballgame for existing iServ employees and customers, Koch says.  "The company was good," he explains. "We are not changing the name. We are not moving. In fact, we now will be able to offer the loyal iServ customers more products and services at better price points."

Koch also says that the acquisition will have a very positive impact on the West Michigan job scene. "We are hiring sales staff now," he says. "With more sales, there will be an increased need for customer service. So then we will add customer service staff, and then we will add more technical people. This company is poised for growth and the ingredients are the business products we will be offering."

To learn more about 382 Communications, you can visit their site here. To learn more about iServ and potential job opportunities, you can visit their site here.

Source: Richard Koch, 382 Communications
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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