“Black Girls Be Like” – A love letter to Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Black Girls Be Like” is the title for Racheal Floyd’s debut feature film, or what she calls, “a love letter to Grand Rapids.” Floyd, who was born and raised in Grand Rapids, tells the story of Ta’Sheena, a young black girl growing up in the “hood” of Grand Rapids. The film is currently in pre-production stages expected to be released in the Winter of 2018.

The films begins with Ta’Sheena finishing up her last year of middle school, providing us glimpses of the how she’s fighting to find a place to be the girl she wants to be. Battling against the identities dictated by her environment, we see Ta’Sheena learn about herself and find the freedom she has always dreamed.

“We're living in a time in American history where marginalized people don't feel safe in this country,” says Floyd.

For the young film-maker, the story of Ta’Sheena is personal, as she remembers growing up and having little to no content representing girls like herself. “As a filmmaker it’s been a personal mission statement for me to create content that little girls can look up to, see themselves in, and be empowered by,” says Floyd.

Floyd, the brain behind the film, has teamed up with local filmmakers Virginia Anzengruber, Elizabeth Merriman, and Thom McGuire to produce Floyd’s love letter to Grand Rapids.

“I plan on making it as ‘Grand Rapids’ as possible. I want to incorporate the culture, the community, and how it feels to grow up there,” says Floyd, who is currently based in Atlanta.

Anzengruber, producer of the film, sought to get involved with this film to help make change in diversifying the industry, and ultimately help empower young women and girls facing racism and oppression.

In the words of Floyd, this film is coming at a time when people of color and people with marginalized identities are being represented more than ever helping create the stage for a production like Black Girls Be Like.

“This story needs to be told no just for black girls, but for every person that's ever had a dream or ever had a desire to better themselves and improve their situation by hard work and determination,” shares Floyd.

To find out more about how to support this film please visit the website at www.BGBLmovie.com.

Michelle Jokisch Polo is Rapid Growth's On The Ground Editor. To connect with Michelle, you can email her at [email protected] and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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