Straight from the heart, Reyna's Gallery is getting down to business

Reyna Garcia is an artist, social activist and businesswoman. She opened Reyna's Gallery in 2014, has participated in two ArtPrizes and the DisArt Festival, and been involved in a number of events where she has exhibited or spoken. "I've been doing art for many years, first in Mexico, and then for a number of years in New York City where I coordinated the Mexican Cultural Project," she says.  

Garcia says her inspiration is rooted in her background and her passion for social justice: "I especially enjoy using art to represent the needs and the plight of Latinos and of immigrants, both through the art itself, and also through the forums through which my art allows me to speak and give voice to these causes."

Recently, Garcia participated in the SpringGR consulting and mentoring program in order to strengthen the business needs of being a working artist and running a gallery. She credits the program for helping her to not only develop a business plan but also helping her to create a network of business professionals that can help her manage and grow her gallery.  

"The SpringGR counselors are my coaches," she says. "They are helping me connect with more people so I can run my gallery as a business". Garcia says that one of the first outcomes of her class will be the launch of a website, sometime in October, where she can display and sell her work.

In the meantime, Garcia sells at various events and creates custom pieces as requested or commissioned. You can view her work on her blog  or Facebook page.

"My goal in art is for my art to touch the hearts and minds of the viewer" says Garcia. "The art expresses my most deep passions, memories and experiences, and I think it does for many viewers who have seen it as well."  

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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