Grand Rapids-based Atomic Object has acquired the Ann Arbor software development firm, SRT Solutions

The recent acquisition of SRT Solutions by Grand Rapids-based Atomic Object (AO) is a classic win-win scenario. 

Atomic Object gets a new office in Ann Arbor, one of Michigan's technology hubs, while acquiring more top talent.

The team at SRT becomes part of a larger organization with a very similar organizational culture while remaining in their existing offices, which they call home.

Carl Erickson, founder and president of AO, says the benefits to both firms is pretty simple. "The most exciting thing for Atomic Object is being present in the three major technology markets: Grand Rapids, Detroit and now Ann Arbor. This puts us at the table to help a lot of startups and exiting companies that are looking for software to be part of their innovation process."

Equally important as the geographic expansion is the talent acquisition. "We are getting four very talented developers, three very experienced and one young but with a lot of potential. They are in Ann Arbor. They like it. They are also very excited about being part of Atomic Object. That is a heck of a way to bootstrap an office in an industry with such a skill shortage."

After the acquisition, Atomic Object now employs 45, and the company is actively recruiting designers and developers for both its Ann Arbor and Detroit offices.

To learn more about the acquisition you can read Erickson's blog post here. You can also visit Atomic Object's site here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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