SalesPad growing, "always in hiring mode"

SalesPad might be one of the fastest growing, most innovative West Michigan software companies you've never heard of before. Which, according to Jeremy Boogaart, general manager, used to be okay with them but isn't so much anymore.

With continued projected growth and ongoing hiring needs in a very competitive market, Boogaart says it is time to share their story to a broader audience. "We used to fly under the radar but after ramping up the hiring process and adding about 49 people in the past year, we decided it was time for people to know more about us," he says.

SalesPad makes innovative business software. The company has a suite of 13 products for a wide variety of enterprise level, business management activities. Boogaart says the company was founded by Matt Williams in 2004 and the firm now has 120 employees and is  "always in hiring mode."

"We never stop hiring", he says. "We always runs ads and we currently have open jobs in sales, support, and development." Boogaart describes the SalesPad culture as "collaborative" and says it is quite different than many development and consulting development shops.  

"We are a full-time software development shop with our own products. We focus on team work. We provide a lot of training, opportunities for ongoing learning and group development, all in an open office environment. Plus, we have fun." He says with their commitment to training, it is a great company for new college graduates,

Besides adding to the local economy, SalesPad is also helping to showcase Grand Rapids to people from around the country. The firm recently hosted a three-day conference in downtown Grand Rapids, bringing in around 250 customers, the majority of whom were from outside of West Michigan. "We had to block about 800 nights at hotels. We had brewery tours, golfing and ate at various restaurants throughout the city," he says. "Many people attending did not know what to expect in Grand Rapids. They were surprised with the cool vibe." This was the second year for the conference and the firm is already planning for 2016.

To learn more about SalesPad, you can visit their site here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor.
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