Wedding proposal video service continues to expand

Hope College's Center for Faithful Leadership (CFL) business incubator has had several ideas flow through its pipeline over the last several years.

One of its biggest successes is RingCam, a startup that launched with fanfare earlier in the year, including mentions on several national news shows. RingCam secured early funding through StartGarden.

RingCam's flagship product is a cherry wood, velvet-wrapped ring box with a small hole drilled into the top. Inserted into the box is a wide-angle camera which has the ability to record up to 20 minutes of video at 720p high-definition format with the push of a single button. The product is used to capture the once-in-a-lifetime excitement of a wedding proposal on video.  

Sam Tzou is one of the founding members of the team that brought the idea to launch. Tzou says "the phone is wringing off the hook" from prospective jewelry stores who are interested in partnering with RingCam.

The business model is fairly simple. Customers can rent the RingCam from a partner store, typically jewelry stores, and then use the RingCam to record the proposal. RingCam provides editing of the video and the customer returns the box back to the partner store. Both the partner store and RingCam share the revenue. Customers can also buy the camera and have several enhanced editing options to chose from.

Tzou says the company is launching a promotional "video contest" in December, where couples can submit their videos of proposals and win cash prizes for the best proposals.   Tzou  is joined by Scott Brandonisio, Russell Fyfe, Scott Bahash, and Elliot Barney. He says the company currently has three full-time employees and an extended team of consultants and contractors.

Moving forward, Tzou says the focus is on increasing the number of partner stores and says the company will be attending several jewelry trade shows to promote its services.

To learn more about RingCam, visit their website here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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