SEI: low profile, high growth

Josh Leatherman, marketing manager for Service Express, Inc., (SEI), says the key ingredient of their organization's success is pretty simple: it's all about the people.

"I would describe our culture as very people-focused. Our vision is very different. It has nothing to do with revenue, margins, or customers. If we take care of employees, they will take care of the business," he says. In the past six months, SEI has hired 31 employees, making a total of 48 new employees added year-to-date.

"In our experience, when an organization has the right talent, it's recession-proof. There will always be problems to solve and opportunities to take advantage of for those who know how to provide exceptional value and service." SEI anticipates increasing their workforce by another 10 percent in the upcoming months.

SEI, with corporate headquarters located in greater Grand Rapids at 3854 Broadmoor Ave. SE, provides a wide variety of services for data center maintenance support. To learn more about SEI, including current job opportunities, you can visit their site here. You can also learn more about the SEI culture by following company President Ron Alvesteffer's  blog here.

Source:  Josh Leatherman, SEI
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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