Form and function drive new recycle bin company

Grand Rapids-based RecycleBoxBin has a simple mission: to design affordable recycle bins that fit well "in the board room or the break room."

According to John Ziech, one of the founders of the business, "The adventure started while working at Steelcase as a facility planner." While helping the organization incorporate recycling into their workplace, there were really no options for an affordable, well-designed recycling bin.

Ziech cited the high cost of bins that were different than just a corrugated box, which doesn't fit well within many work environments. He felt he could solve the problem through better design.

After leaving Steelcase, Ziech and his wife Melissa founded RecycleBoxBin and began manufacturing specially designed recycle bins and selling them online. Their website launched in January 2011.

RecycleBoxBin focuses on "beauty and cost" and offers a degree of customization by offering free, custom labeling. Although early in the company's lifecycle, the couple is optimistic with very positive customer feedback and a continued growth in awareness of recycling.

To learn more about RecycleBoxBin you can visit their website here.

Source: John Ziech, RecycleBoxBin
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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