Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber (FTC&H) announces three new hires

Joining FTC&H, a civil engineering, environmental, architectural/engineering, and construction management firm, are (Karen) Yee M. Pang,  mechanical engineer; Matthew J. Stack, electrical engineer; and David A. Grassi, electrical engineer.

The new hires are the result of steady growth, according to FTC&H President, Jim Susan. "To provide the level of client service we strive to achieve, we must have the right numbers of qualified staff," he says. "Our firm has been growing steadily for the past year, necessitating these, in addition to previous, new hires. Our growth has been occurring in the areas of higher education (universities) and commercial/retail, primarily."

As with many professional organizations, finding the right people has to be a win-win scenario. Susan says the firm utilizes a very comprehensive interview process to make sure all new hires a good fit for their team. "We hire with the intent that new staff will make a career at FTC&H. We have developed a fairly comprehensive interview process that allows not only FTC&H staff to evaluate the candidate for expertise, capability, and fit, but also allows the candidate to determine if she or he believes that FTC&H will be a good fit for them."

The forecast remains positive at FTC&H for 2013. While the firm does not anticipate as much overall growth as in previous years, Susan says they do anticipate additional new hires and currently have openings in many departments.

To learn more about FTC&H, you can view their website here.

Source: Jim Susan, FTC&H
Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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