Innovative biking company readies for 2014 launch of three new models

Alter Cycles of Allendale is a cycle company looking to to create a smoother ride with an innovative suspension that can easily be changed out by the rider to better customize the ride. The goal: create a bike that produces a smoother and more comfortable ride for the customer. 

The new bike venture was founded by Mark Groendal, who has been designing and building bikes for over 30 years, including the Sling Shot bike. He says his new invention looks more conventional than the Sling Shot and should be more marketable.

Groendal says Alter Cycles will be introducing its first three models in either April or May of 2014 and the bikes will be available through local bike stores. "Everything is on track and we plan to have three models of fitness bikes ready then."

Groendal says he has a team of five individuals working on the project. He also has received assistance from Kendall College's industrial design students, including a recently completed class project led by Tom Edwards, KCAD Industrial Design instructor, and his Industrial Design II class.

Students in this class worked on a range of accessories, from apparel to lights to storage, and presented their final concepts and designs last week. "I enjoyed working with Kendall," says Groendal. "The design concepts were for the commuter market and hopefully we can use them in the future."

To learn more about Alter Cycles you can view their site here or their Facebook page here.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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