Everidae Sauce continues to spread its pepper goodness throughout the state

After being founded in 2011 and hitting the shelves in July 2012, Everidae Sauce has dramatically expanded its distribution in 2013 and now is planning for product line expansions, more operational support and new marketing initiatives.

Dominic Sorenson explains the expanded distribution. "We have been chosen for inclusion in the Michigan sections at Kroger and Spartan stores which adds to Meijer and the other 20 local specialty stores, taking Everidae to over 210 stores in Michigan."

To keep up with demand, Sorenson is actively seeking operational relief in the guise of identifying a co-packer for his product. "We are still producing at Uptown Kitchen but are looking for a co-packer to help us improve our bottling procedure."  He says he is close to formalizing an agreement with a Michigan firm.

From a marketing angle, Everidae has invested in an advertising campaign with the local food magazine Flavor 616 and has a promo code "GRLOCO" that can be used on his website to print a $2.00 off coupon for use at local retailers. "We are also in the middle of our first photo competition called Everidae Framed Food Competition 2013," says Sorenson. "Fans of the sauce can create a great dish and submit a picture and recipe via Instagram or Facebook to win awesome prizes; details on our Everidae Sauce Facebook page."

To support the growth, Sorenson is busy preparing for the December 19 Start Garden update night, when businesses that were funded at the $25,000 level will have five minutes to present their progress and make an "ask" for additional funding and/or support from local investors.

Looking down the road, Sorenson says he is planning to launch a new product line and is exploring the possibilities of starting a co-packing facility in Grand Rapids to serve the growing number of food entrepreneurs that need a product facility bigger than the existing incubators.

To follow the progress of Everidae, you can visit their website or join their Facebook page.

Writer: John Rumery, Innovation and Jobs News Editor
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