Graphic design, web design, and marketing jobs open up as Grand Rapids' Cull Group grows

Dependency on social media and Internet technology has drastically changed how companies market their services and products. Grand Rapids-based Cull Group, a graphic design and marketing firm, is determined to stay ahead of client demand for these services by opening three new technology positions.

The 39-year-old company (103 College Ave. SE) plans to add a graphic designer, web developer/designer, and web marketing strategist over the next several weeks.

Cull Group owner Jefferson Seaver says the company added several new employees in the past year, bringing the staff count to nine. The demand for integrated social media and web marketing is driving much of the growth.

"There are things our clients didn't have to think about five years ago -- like social media -- and now they have to be on their toes, so we're seeing a large level of growth," Seaver says. "Social media is not an island, but has to integrate with a push on packaging to drive people to social media and your website. It could be a couponing campaign that gets driven as much through the website as it is through social media and getting the product promotion out on the street."

Seaver says that because the company's services are diverse, the people he hires need to have diverse talents and interests. The company handles packaging design, web design, copywriting, and social media management, and works with attorneys on patents and trademarks. The type of people he's looking for must have the basic skills for the job, but must also be interested in how things work, must have varied outside interests, and be motivated to learn.

"It's sometimes surprising," Seaver says, "but people who know manufacturing, who know technology, may also have expertise in cooking or gardening. Those varied interests often plug into what our clients do and provide news ways to bring things to the table that otherwise wouldn't happen."

Cull Group is reviewing résumés now. To apply, click here.   

Source: Jefferson Seaver, Cull Group
Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
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