Ferris State University seeks qualified applicants for 20-40 jobs in Grand Rapids, Big Rapids

Perusing Ferris State University's (FSU) job postings on any given day will likely return 20-40 job openings that run the gamut from faculty to administration, including hourly and salaried positions in both the Big Rapids and Grand Rapids locations.

Between January and March 2012, FSU added 17 new hires, and the university looks to fill 13 additional positions. Michelle Balliet, manager of employment and compensation, says that late spring often offers increased job opportunities because that's when the university fills many faculty positions.

Balliet highlighted a handful of openings the school needs to fill right now, including a faculty position in the international studies department, associate VP of human resources and a clerical position in the automotive department. Additional clerical, faculty and information technology positions are available.

"A good fit for the university is anyone who is willing to learn new aspects of a professional work environment," Balliet says. "Higher education is very different than a corporate or business environment. We deal with a lot of diverse populations between our students, faculty and staff . . . just because we hire you for a part-time clerical position doesn't mean you won't be doing a lot of different things, maybe event planning or program work. There is a lot of exposure at Ferris State University for folks to really learn about the entire institution."

FSU updates its list of openings every Friday and asks job candidates to apply online for all positions. If a candidate has questions or needs help, FSU offers assistance via email or by phone and has kiosks available in the human resources office (420 Oak Street, Prakken 150, Big Rapids) where job seekers can apply.

To view current positions click here, or call (231) 591-2150 for more information.

Source: Michelle Balliet, Ferris State University
Writer: Charlsie Dewey, Freelance Reporter