Muskegon virtual assistant firm seeks creatives for 10 new jobs, serves growing global client base has a waiting list of businesses from around the world that want its American-based outsourcing services, so the company is ready to bring on 10 new creatives to provide services., based in Grand Valley State University's Michigan Alternative & Renewable Energy Center (200 Viridian Dr., Muskegon), offers businesses a team of virtual employees who handle administrative and receptionist duties, graphic design, web design, and creative writing.

Company founder Chad Lawie says that small companies might only be able to afford one part-time employee, but they really need enough people to build a website, manage the website, process orders, answer phones, and provide customer services.'s provides the people with the skills the client needs, starting at under $100 a week.

"We can provide all the skills they need and we're available 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday," Lawie says. "They can get full-time access to help even though they're only paying for part-time help. Some of our smaller customers hire us for everything -- they outsource the entire operating staff to us."

The company has 20 full-time staff and aims to hire 10 more this year to fill positions as administrative assistants, receptionists, graphic designers, web designers, and creative writers. All employees work out of the MAREC location.

"We had a four-week waiting list for our services and there's no way to tell how many clients we would have had without that waiting list," Lawie says. "We didn't anticipate this level of acceptance, but at this point, we're in a growth pattern and we need to grow and evolve."

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Source: Chad Lawie,
Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
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