Rockford's Morris Builders seeks carpenters, production manager for fulltime positions

Rockford-based Morris Builders, Inc. is so busy the company is ready to bring aboard four fulltime, permanent workers to move the company to the next level.

Morris Builders, owned and operated by husband and wife team Kirk and Joy Morris, is a family business founded 27 years ago when Kirk, working alone, was the entire company. Now, there are six employees and a need for more.

The company's focus is residential remodeling that ranges from handyman jobs to whole-house makeovers. A small portion of the business is dedicated to commercial remodeling. Morris Builders recently purchased and renovated a former office building at 143 Cortland St. for its new company headquarters.

"We work as a team and can take projects from design to framing to painting and flooring," says Kirk Morris. "We have slowly grown to add workforce and that means getting more business. It's the right time to grow, we're making conservative growth and we're stepping forward."

Morris looks to add three carpenters full-time -- two to step in as lead carpenters who will head-up projects, and one carpenter who will transition to a lead carpenter after gaining on-the-job experience and training.

In the office, the addition of a full-time estimator/production manager will provide one more person to estimate project costs, acquire major ticket items, and work with clients on deadlines, expectations and project status. Morris says the job requires someone who can keep projects moving forward, who can track budgets, is very friendly and able to multitask.

"Small business is where it's at," says Morris. "We have lots of work to keep everybody busy."

Source: Kirk Morris, Morris Builders
Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
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