North Ottawa Community Health medical group seeks medical assistants, receptionists, physicians

The rapid growth of North Ottawa Community Health System's (NOCHS) physician practices group over the last three years has slowed, but leaders at NOCHS say they are still looking to fill several medical positions, including specialty doctors, medical assistants, and receptionists.

Since early 2010, the physician practices group has added 18 medical jobs ranging from doctors to midwives. In addition to having two to three current openings for medical assistants and receptionists, the group seeks two OB/GYN doctors, two to three family practitioners and one internist.

"NOCHS is a small community-based hospital, versus a big Trinity Health or Spectrum Health," says Barbara Nyblade, director of physician practices. "The board members are people who live in the community and they drive what we do and what our future holds."

With national trends shifting to keeping people healthy instead of making them well after they're sick, Chief Communications Officer Jan VanSkiver says the push is on to make that transition in local healthcare.

"In community healthcare, chances are you'll be taking care of someone you know -- a neighbor, another parent from your child's softball team, your child's schoolmate," VanSkiver says. "We're looking for people who understand the cultural fit. Community healthcare is doing more with less, and many times these folks have to wear many hats and are personal ambassadors for the healthcare system."

For more information on the jobs available, click here.

Source: Barbara Nyblade and Jen VanSkiver, North Ottawa Community Health System
Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
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