Growing physical therapy firm seeks massage therapist, adds fitness, weight loss programs

Northern Physical Therapy owners Gina Otterbein and Janis Kemper lead by example when it comes to inspiring employees and clients to attain their own goals. Their personal dedication to physical fitness and weight loss has driven the company to continual growth throughout all five of its West Michigan locations.

Now, after recently adding three occupational therapists and a practice manager, bringing the staff count to 46 full-time-equivalent employees, Northern Physical Therapy seeks a massage therapist to work with clients in its Grant, Cedar Springs, and Sparta offices. A certified therapist willing to travel to all three locations would fill the need, or the work could be split between two or three therapists, says Gina Otterbein.

The massage therapists will work with clients needing help recovering from injuries, and clients who are part of the new Personal Fitness Training program. That program provides one-on-one attention to help clients reach weight loss goals, as well as fitness goals that increase cardio capabilities and improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Massage therapists and physical therapists help clients work through obstacles like knee, back, and muscle pain so they can continue on their fitness path.

Otterbein and Kemper are living examples of how to make healthy lifestyle changes. Through improved nutrition and exercise, Kemper has lost 80 pounds and now jumpstarts her energy levels with workouts five days a week.

Otterbein says that, seven years ago, she set a goal for herself to get healthy. She started with the Fifth Third River Bank Run 5K walk and worked up from that. Last year, she completed the Fifth Third River Bank 25K run. This summer she's on track for a triathlon.

"The idea of our personal fitness program is motivated by [Janis's] journey and by my competitiveness as a competitive runner," Otterbein says. "Our practice can treat the high-level athlete, but we can also embrace the person who's just starting out and not sure what to do."

Northern Physical Therapy has offices in Coopersville, Wayland, Cedar Springs, Grant, and Sparta. The company is celebrating 20 years in service through July.

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Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor

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