Sun Title's 30 percent growth spurs hiring of 15; three more positions left to fill

Continued double-digit growth and client demand for regional services propelled Sun Title to open four new office locations and hire 15 employees in 2013, says company co-owner Lawrence Duthler. And the company looks to fill three more positions as soon as it can.

Sun Title, headquartered at 1410 Plainfield Ave. NE, now has offices in Ionia, Grand Haven, Grandville, Cedar Springs, and Rockford plus services clients by bringing its Mobile Closing Unit vans to their homes or places of business.

The company seeks two more escrow assistants and one title examiner.

"In 2012, sales were up 40 percent, in 2013 it was 30 percent, and we're projecting 40 percent this 2014," Duthler says. "We are always interested in interviewing great people, especially people that are in title and looking to make a move. What we've found is it requires a balance between the technical side -- examining is a very unique skill set and we need someone with several years' experience searching purchase agreements -- and having a strong team worker. We've created an environment where people look forward to going to work here. It's one thing to have clients who rave about you, but it's another thing to have employees who rave about you."

Duthler goes on to say that the escrow assistants don't necessarily need title experience, but need to be detail-oriented with the ability to meet deadlines, have good communications skills, and have some experience in real estate.

"When we look at title, one of the things we ingrain is that the number one product we sell is communication -- about the process, how it's going, how a transaction flows through the office," Duthler says. "The last four years, we spent time on the processes and the technology. We needed the foundation first, then reached out to the people we needed to do the work, and that's why we're growing now."

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Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
Images courtesy of Sun Title

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