Jobs Landed: Cara Hahn

 My role is to leverage consumer, distributor, market, and competitive insights and drivers to guide the development of business objectives, marketing strategies, and operating plans.  Specifically, I'm working on the Distributor Experience team to positively impact all distributor touch points with Amway throughout the distributor lifecycle.  These include the business opportunity, products and brand management, digital space and its developments, and Amway-provided tools and services.  My position requires attention to detail and a high level of accuracy, an ability to look at data and create and deliver a meaningful story to business partners, a consciousness about doing business throughout distinctive cultures, and a personal motivation to be forward-thinking and proactively anticipate trends and overcome potential barriers. 

Growing up in the Grand Rapids area, I always admired Amway for its business values of trustworthiness, transparancy, and desire to positively aid the community.  I now realize how deep those values run and the impact the company has made on a global scale.  I'm excited to continue my work with Amway and feel honored to have the opportunity.
Job Title: Distributor Experience Associate Analyst, Consumer & Market Insights
Company: Amway
College: Hope College, Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, Department of Economics, Management, and Accounting, Holland, MI
High School: Rockford High School, Rockford, MI
Lives In: Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids, MI

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