Jobs Landed: Emily Schrotenboer

An orthopaedic nurse is responsible for the care of 4-6 patients on the unit during his or her shift. A majority of the patients on this unit are postoperative knee and hip replacements. The biggest responsibility of the orthopaedic nurse is pain management. Other responsibilities include aiding with activities of daily living, ambulation, and working with other healthcare teams like physical therapy to help the patient recover from their surgery and move either home or to a rehabilitation center for the rest of their recovery.
Job Title: Registered Nurse- Orthopaedics
Company: Spectrum Health
College: Calvin College, Nursing, Grand Rapids, MI
High School: South Christian High School, Grand Rapids, MI

Spectrum Health

1840 Wealthy St. SE
Rapid Growth, MI 49506
(616) 774-7444

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