Jobs Landed: Kacie Wilcox

UFP Technologies is a publicly-held, leading designer and manufacturer of interior protective packaging and component product solutions using molded and fabricated foams, plastics, laminated composites, and natural fiber materials. UFP Technologies consists of three divisions: United Foam, Simco Automotive, and Molded Fiber. As an employee of United Foam with a medical industry focus, my role includes researching, developing, designing & selling foam and plastic components & packaging for the medical device market. The materials I primarily work with are either FDA Grade, FDA Approvable, and/or have the ability to be sterilized. Our company supplies parts such as zero-particulate packaging for orthopedic implants, sterilizable protection for surgical tools, endoscopic component parts, everyday consumer products, blood oxygen filtration devices, medical swabs, body positioners for physical therapy, and wound care items.
Job Title: Medical Account Manager
Company: UFP Technologies
College: Saint Ambrose University, Bachelors of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering, Mathematics, Physics Minor, Davenport, IA
High School: West Delaware High School, Manchester, IA
Lives In: Hudsonville

UFP Technologies

3831 Patterson Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

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