Jobs Landed: Katie Blough

As a summer intern in the Corporate Communications department before my senior year of college, my goal was to make my way back to Amway after I graduated. About two years later, I accomplished that goal and I'm thrilled with my career thus far. Some of my every day tasks include writing for our corporate blogs and executive staff; I sit on the company's Social Media Business Council and am the face behind Facebook and Twitter for Amway's beauty brand, ARTISTRY. I'm building the employee communication plan for our North American affiliate, Amway Global; and I pitch stories to media outlets around the Nation to get our brand ambassadors featured in the news.
Job Title: Communication Specialist, Corporate Communications
Company: Amway
College: Grand Valley State University, Master of Science, Communications, Grand Rapids, MI
High School: Lowell High School, Lowell, MI
Lives In: Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids, MI

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