Jobs Landed: Terrand Smith

The Manager of Business Development for Growth Initiatives supports the strategy and practice of conceiving, fostering, launching, and managing new businesses. This includes developing ideas and concepts, abstracting the central question or problem statement, and then finding ways to evaluate a number of ideas as a portfolio in order to select the best ideas to move forward.  Some responsibilities require shifting from high level strategy to personally engaging in hands on prototyping of product, services and experiences.

I had managed businesses and categories in my previous roles which exercised the "left" side of my brain (strategy, analysis, etc). So, there was opportunity to strengthen the "right" side by getting involved in the conceptualization or ideation stages of the product or business development. This role allowed me to jump in and immediately add value in some areas, but challenge and help me grow in other areas. It is great to have these career opportunities at Steelcase that focus on innovation and design thinking. It keeps your mind sharp, forward thinking and on the edge of where things is headed.
Job Title: Growth Initiatives, Manager of Business Developmen
Company: Steelcase
College: Providence College, Graduate Degree, Providence, RI
High School: City Honors School, Buffalo, NY
Lives In: Grand Rapids


901 44th St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

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