Jobs Landed: Brian Miller

I provide vision and direction for the use of technology to further the educational and strategic goals of Davenport University, a private university based in Grand Rapids with 14 campuses across Michigan.  My primary objectives are to hire world class IT professionals, align technology solutions with university strategy, measure the success of technology in helping the university achieve its goals, design and adjust technology standards for the university, and to manage the cost of our substantial investment in technology resources.  In short, the CIO role is a blend of technology evangelist, people manager and business strategist.  
As a relatively young CIO, my focus lies in the use of the web, social media and cloud computing to help Davenport continue to recruit quality students, reduce the cost of IT solutions, and ensure that we stay ahead of the curve in terms of the technology we provide students.  Social media provides us a means for communicating with students (and prospective students) in a more personalized manner than we get with traditional advertising.  Similarly, cloud computing removes some of the barriers to adoption for new technology (in terms of cost and infrastructure and spin-up time) that existed a few short years ago.
Job Title: CIO / Vice President of Information Technology Services
Company: Davenport University
College: Kalamazoo College, Computer Science, Kalamazoo, MI
High School: West Bloomfield High School, West Bloomfield, MI
Lives In: East Grand Rapids

Davenport University

6191 Kraft Avenue S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

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