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Jeffrey Boucher

I help small to medium sized businesses improve their online advertising through AT&Ts suite of products and services. These services include search engine optimization, search engine marketing solutions, mobile marketing, text marketing, website development/hosting, internet yellow pages inclusion and online reputation management. I can help businesses from those who dont have a web presence to companies that are online improve their placement on the search engines. I am google adword certified and a yahoo! ambassador. AT&T partners with the largest search engines to bring quality leads to local businesses.

Job Title: New Media Consultant
Company: AT&T Advertising
College: Cornerstone University, BSBA, Grand Rapids, MI

Christina Fuller

I help Business Owners and Ad Agencies showcase themselves on the Big-Screen at the local theaters in the Grand Rapids and Muskegon areas. Their ad runs during our Preflix Entertainment Package before the Movies. This gives them a platform to showcase their Product and Services to a captivated local audience. The goal is to create Brand Awareness, so that when the consumer has a need they stand out amongst their competition.

Job Title: Account Executive
Company: UniqueScreen Media
College: Tidewater Community College, Paralegal Program, Partially Completed, Virginia Beach, Va

Katherine Ring

We have two companies under our roof: Baudville is an employee recognition company creating trophies, certificates and gifts and IDville provides photo identification solutions and ID supply needs. As Advertising Manager I am in charge of streamlining all of the efforts of our creative teams into our different marketing channels. We have in-house design, copywriting and web development and we create new product, catalogs, emails and other promotional campaigns. My position is a perfect combination of tactical implementation, management and coming up with new marketing ideas that fit into our long-term strategy.

Job Title: Advertising Manager
Company: Baudville
College: University of California, Los Angeles, Art History, English, Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Ionni is an online advertising network that basically acts as a middle man between Advertisers and Publishers (website owners).  It’s my job to review and either approve or reject new websites that apply to become a part of our network.  Needless to say, sometimes my job can be very entertaining.  I also spend a portion of my day reviewing the creative’s that run through our network to ensure they meet our standards.  Once again, sometimes my job can be very entertaining.  I deal with website owners every day and work to optimize the amount of money they can make, while helping with any problems they might have. I learn something new every day, can wear whatever I want, and work with a lot of great people.  Except when they beat me at the Ping Pong table.  Yes, we have a Ping Pong table, my job is awesome.

Job Title: Publisher Relations Associate
College: Western Michigan University, Haworth College of Business, Marketing, Kalamazoo, MI

Ken Czop

My hat closet is full.  Aside from the Detroit Tigers 59fifty, I’ve amassed a pretty big collection since coming to Highland Group.  Most often, I’m wearing the hard hat. It’s really good for protection from fast-moving, large objects- projects being the most dangerous.  Digging deep into reports and research?  No problem- that’s when the miner’s helmet comes in handy.  There’s the green visor for budgets, a top hat for entertaining clients, and a bunch more.  What’s funny though, is that I’m not the only one.  Highland Group account executives tend to wear a lot of different hats.  It’s definitely a busy way to make a living, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Job Title: Account Executive
Company: Highland Group
College: Aquinas College, Business, Communications, Grand Rapids, MI

Tony Norlin

This summer I am privileged enough to work with the great group of award winning creatives, ad managers, and techies at HG. I've got the chance to expand in some exciting areas including web marketing (social networking anyone?), web/product development, and advertising. Clients that I work with look to differentiate their website launch through high quality and original web marketing. The most exciting part for me is seeing the crew in action and being a part of the creative chaos. Our firm has a newly renovated dream office with an inspiring atmosphere, a vast library of tunes, and an Atari. Yes, an Atari. For creative purposes.

Job Title: Summer Associate
Company: Highland Group
College: Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business, Marketing, East Lansing, MI

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