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Jeff Bell

Mindscape at Hanon McKendry is a company dedicated to helping clients realize success online.  As part of the Mindscape team, I am not only responsible for ensuring that our projects are scoped and scheduled appropriately, but also that our clients are regularly informed of our progress throughout the project.  My work involves scheduling projects, assigning tasks to team members, communicating with clients and helping to manage expectations, preparing weekly status updates for clients, and reviewing deliverables before they are sent to the client for approval.

The work requires excellent communication skills, a good grasp on how web technologies work and how the web can be used to achieve business objectives, solid organizational skills, and a strong passion to learn and keep up with the ever-changing industry.

Job Title: Project Manager
Company: Mindscape at Hanon McKendry
College: Central Michigan University, Public Administration, Mount Pleasant, MI

Christina Torri

Mindscape is a growing web-development company that focuses in SEO and internet marketing services. I am part of recent growth that has taken the company to 23 employees to allow for expanded services.  My responsibilities include day-to-day social media management for both clients and the company.  I am also partnering with management to build out this service area and adapt the business model to fit the constantly changing needs of the industry.

Job Title: Social Media Coordinator
Company: Mindscape at Hanon McKendry
College: Grand Valley State University, Sideman College of Business, Masters of Business Administration, Grand Rapids, MI

Katherine Ring

We have two companies under our roof: Baudville is an employee recognition company creating trophies, certificates and gifts and IDville provides photo identification solutions and ID supply needs. As Advertising Manager I am in charge of streamlining all of the efforts of our creative teams into our different marketing channels. We have in-house design, copywriting and web development and we create new product, catalogs, emails and other promotional campaigns. My position is a perfect combination of tactical implementation, management and coming up with new marketing ideas that fit into our long-term strategy.

Job Title: Advertising Manager
Company: Baudville
College: University of California, Los Angeles, Art History, English, Los Angeles, CA

Grant Carmichael

I started ThinkXD, an experience design consultancy. I help companies create interfaces between people and products, from touchscreen devices to web applications.

More features and new technologies won't guarantee a product's success. Getting to know the end users–who they are, their goals and their context of use–are the real underpinnings of a valuable dialogue between a person and a product. The insights that come from this inquiry, and subsequent user testing, infuse the iterative design of an interaction framework, leading to the greater likelihood of a useful, desirable and even fun user experience.

I work alongside visual designers, industrial designers, developers and human factors researchers to collect and synthesize findings into personas and scenarios that guide the creation of a interface design model expressed visually with concept diagrams, workflows, wireframes and prototypes.

I am also involved with MichiganXD, a local Adobe User Group that meets monthly to explore UX methods.

Job Title: Owner, User Experience Designer
Company: ThinkXD
College: Carnegie Mellon University, BFA, Industrial Design, Pittsburgh, PA

Samuel Oltz

I develop premiere web applications for companies and individuals, local and national. I utilize open source technologies such as PHP and Linux to provide rock-solid performance and low upkeep costs. Many times I empower the user by giving them a content management system such as Drupal or Expression Engine. I love seeing people succeed, and I'll do anything in my power to make sure their web presence does just that.

Job Title: Web Developer
Company: Spearia
College: Grand Rapids Theologial Seminary, Masters of Art, Intercultural Studies, Grand Rapids, MI

Pat Perry

I do designs and branding for various companies we build websites for. This includes developing a brand, logo, and web page layout.

Job Title: Designer
Company: Spearia
College: Kendall College of Art and Design, Illustration, Grand Rapids, MI

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