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Joy VanOeffelen

I am the Marketing Programs Manager at LeanLogistics, Inc., a global solutions provider of transportation management system (TMS) applications and supply chain services enabled by the industry’s largest transportation network on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. My core responsibilities include creating, executing and measuring program plans for core initiatives. I develop lead generation/nurturing programs to support sales; manage tradeshow coordination and event promotion; evaluate and drive marketing campaigns to maximize revenue; and coordinate the development of promotional materials for marketing programs, including webinars and email marketing.
I am proud to live and work in West Michigan. I am an alumnus of the 2011 class of the Emerging Leaders Series through the Center for Community Leadership (Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce). In addition, I completed my Master of Business Administration degree in 2010 from WMU. I have been working full-time in marketing since 2004, with experience in the food & beverage, financial services, and transportation industries. In addition to full-time work, I enjoy freelance marketing and business coaching, as well as being a Big Sister Mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Job Title: Marketing Manager
Company: LeanLogistics
College: Western Michigan University, Master in Business Administration, Kalamazoo, MI

Cara Hahn

 My role is to leverage consumer, distributor, market, and competitive insights and drivers to guide the development of business objectives, marketing strategies, and operating plans.  Specifically, I'm working on the Distributor Experience team to positively impact all distributor touch points with Amway throughout the distributor lifecycle.  These include the business opportunity, products and brand management, digital space and its developments, and Amway-provided tools and services.  My position requires attention to detail and a high level of accuracy, an ability to look at data and create and deliver a meaningful story to business partners, a consciousness about doing business throughout distinctive cultures, and a personal motivation to be forward-thinking and proactively anticipate trends and overcome potential barriers. 

Growing up in the Grand Rapids area, I always admired Amway for its business values of trustworthiness, transparancy, and desire to positively aid the community.  I now realize how deep those values run and the impact the company has made on a global scale.  I'm excited to continue my work with Amway and feel honored to have the opportunity.

Job Title: Distributor Experience Associate Analyst, Consumer & Market Insights
Company: Amway
College: Hope College, Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, Department of Economics, Management, and Accounting, Holland, MI

Danielle M. Williams

As part of the Employee Communications team in the HR department at Amway, I work to translate complex corporate programs into understandable messages for the general employee body. Through consulting with HR Division stakeholders, I also develop and implement communications strategies to roll out company initiatives.

Job Title: Employee Communications Specialist
Company: Amway
College: University of Michigan, Bachelor of Art, Sociology of Business, Ann Arbor, MI

Katie Blough

As a summer intern in the Corporate Communications department before my senior year of college, my goal was to make my way back to Amway after I graduated. About two years later, I accomplished that goal and I'm thrilled with my career thus far. Some of my every day tasks include writing for our corporate blogs and executive staff; I sit on the company's Social Media Business Council and am the face behind Facebook and Twitter for Amway's beauty brand, ARTISTRY. I'm building the employee communication plan for our North American affiliate, Amway Global; and I pitch stories to media outlets around the Nation to get our brand ambassadors featured in the news.

Job Title: Communication Specialist, Corporate Communications
Company: Amway
College: Grand Valley State University, Master of Science, Communications, Grand Rapids, MI

Laura S. Wiest

I fulfill a wide range of duties for sales, marketing, advertising and public relations. I'm responsible for managing inventory of internal and external promotions, fulfillment of contest prizes and vendor programs, maintaining barter agreements, assisting Sales Consultants and monitoring the sales expenses. I organize and participate in company events such as sales meetings, trade shows, sales awards, annual incentive trips, customer appreciation and promotional events. (i.e. Van Andel Arena Events, Muskegon Summer Celebration, Grand Rapids Griffins, Muskegon Fury, The DeVos Place, Lansing Common Grounds Festival, etc.). Overall, I help keep our current customers satisfied and drive revenue while maintaining our respectable corporate image.

Job Title: Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Company: Michigan Office Solutions
College: Grand Valley State University, Seidman College of Business, Marketing, Grand Rapids, MI

Tamaryn Tobian

I like to be busy.  In addition to working as an Advertising Copywriter for Meijer, in their Advertising and Marketing Department, I blog and freelance write.  Most recently, I’ve started freelance writing for  RumBum is a Miami based website that covers life’s music and culture, entertainment and adventure.  They first asked me to help cover the Rothbury Music Festival, and since then I’ve been asked to write other articles for them including one on Michigan surfing.

Additionally, I’m in the process of writing my first novel.  It's a young adult fiction story about what sparkling treasures you may find if you’re willing to wipe away the dust and look a little closer.  When it’s finished, I hope to work with a literary agent and have it published.

Job Title: Writer
Company: Meijer Inc.
College: Calvin College, English, Communications, Grand Rapids, MI

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