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Andrew Trzaska

I got my start working in admissions recruitment at the university, and spent several years at WSOU, the award-winning college radio station. I have experience with strategic communication, social media, audio production, content creation and web site management.

With over 200 web sites under our care it's essential to remain responsive to our client's needs. My knowledge of the web development process, as well as my background in customer service, make me a great addition to the Revel team.

I am responsible for Revel web project management and facilitating changes to existing client web sites.

Job Title: Web Project Manager
Company: Revel
College: Seton Hall University, Bachelor of Arts, Broadcasting & Visual Media, South Orange, NJ

Daniel Andres

You may have seen me riding around Down Town GR on one of the Spearia mopeds, or maybe driving one of the white Spearia Van's with the slogan "Let's Face It, Your Website Sucks, We Can Help!" Well I do actually have a job with Spearia, and I am currently working on the sales and marketing side of the business. I am responsible for finding new business, as well as building and maintaining relationships with communities, companies, and individuals. I am also leading the small business division at Spearia, where I am in charge of sales and responsible for the development of all the marketing materials for this new service. We hope with this new service that we will now be able to better service the small business community in Grand Rapids. I am also responsible for finding new and innovative way's to grow the small business division, and help Spearia become the leading experience-based creative firm in Grand Rapids!

Job Title: Business Development
Company: Spearia
College: Grand Valley State University, Seidman College of Business, Marketing, Grand Rapids, MI

Julie VanderZwaag

My Project Manager Duties Include: Client Connection:  build report with the client, keep the client informed via email/phone throughout the project, and communicate the needs and expectation of the client to our team; Quality Assurance:  Ensure that the expectations and projects specs have been fulfilled through testing, and communication with our team; Continuous Improvement:  Report to the team upon completion of the project, suggestions for us to improve our project life cycle, and ensure High client satisfaction; Project Planning:  When a new project has been signed, determine the date the project will start, and how long the project will last.  Assign the tasks of the project to the appropriate team members, and follow up with them to ensure the project is on time, and of high quality.

My Team Member Duties Include: Communication:  Keep open lines of communication with all team members on their schedule, tasks that need to be completed, and how we can improve; Support:  Be a resource for clients when they call, email, or stop in.  It is not necessary to be able to resolve the issue,  however, it is important to take the proper steps to ensure the client's concern is resolved in a timely manner; Brainstorm: Participate in open idea meetings where the team works together to solve open challenges, and look towards the next product, service, or client.

I am also an Marketing Consultant for Strategic Management Consulting (www.skywayassociates.com) where I help out with technical support, marketing activities, and administrative work.  In addition, I am a Creative Web Designer for Techvz, where I assist in web activities.

Job Title: Project Management Intern
Company: gNetworks
College: Grand Valley State University, Seidman College of Business, Management/Marketing, Grand Rapids, MI

Sara Hogan

Elevator Up is a web hosting and development company with real entrepreneur spirit. My job as Operations Manager is to manage daily  
operations, formulate policies, track budgets, coordinate calendars, and assist the president.

Job Title: Operations Manager
Company: Elevator Up
College: Hope College, English, Holland, MI

Katie Dehn

I work with senior level management and the video team in the full life-cycle of video production, including assistance in creative conceptualization, pre production, production and post production processes. My functional responsibilities include video editing from rough cuts to finished edits, DVD authoring and video compression, project management support, creative input, file and media organization, while working in a team-oriented environment. Additional responsibilities include the standardization of quality assurance processes and project archiving.

Job Title: Video Editor
Company: C2 Group
College: Grand Valley State University, Film/Video Production, Allendale, MI

David Brockmyre

The C2 Group is a video and web production shop.  I work primarliy on the web side where we design + build websites for a variety of medium to large organizations.  First and foremost, my role is to direct all sales and marketing efforts to sustain and grow the web side of our business. As such, I am responsible for implementing all prospecting and lead generation initiatives.  These include attending industry conferences and trade shows, involvement in local chapters of the American Marketing Association, aimWest, and the American Advertising Federation, and all direct marketing efforts.  The 21 year old company has been very successful on a national scale with clients in 14 states and we've grown over 300% in the past 4 years.  Additionally, we do a good amount of work through advertising and marketing agencies in other cities such as New York and Chicago.  They like our process, cost structure, and work product.  My role also includes creating new agency relationships and managing existing ones.  Ironically, the web team is virtually unknown locally as most of our clients are out of state.  As a result, I have directly focused on gaining market share in our own backyard by promoting our services with local organizations.  

I am a lifelong Michigan resident (with the exception of 4 years in Chicago) and despite the challenges we face, I love living in this state.  I encourage young professionals to come and see what is happening here.  Not only it is aesthetically beautiful, the economy is diverse and strong, and the people are of the highest caliber.  It's a great place to live and work!

Job Title: Director of Business Development
Company: C2 Group
College: Lansing Community College, Lansing, MI

Ryan Taylor Montgomery

I design and develop enterprise web applications for business.

Job Title: CTO
Company: Experior Solutions LLC
College: Ferris State University, Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, MI

Jeff Casemier

I design web sites that communicate each client's story in a compelling and memorable way. I work to understand the organization's brand and business objectives, as well as the site user's expectations and desires. My goal is to integrate these into a web experience that communicates effectively, looks and works beautifully and builds meaningful relationships.

Job Title: Senior Art Director
Company: C2 Group
College: Calvin College, BFA, Visual Communications and Photography, Grand Rapids, MI

Steve Laninga

I recently joined the team and will be representing the company in customer growth and business expansion. I have cultivated my skill set through years of serving a diverse group of clients in fortune-class, not-for-profit, and the entrepreneurial industries. My years of experience range across a variety of mediums, including print, broadcast and digital media. I am excited to be a part of a company that is growing and continuously looking for new ways to fulfill their customer’s expanding needs.

Job Title: Sales Representative
Company: Pelco Solutions
College: Grand Valley State University, William James College, Allendale, MI

David Elliott

I am designer and front-end developer for Spearia (http://www.spearia.com) a relatively new web marketing and development company. I work with a ridiculously talented team of young designers and developers in an environment that is both open and exciting.

Essentially my job is to help interpret (along with Creative Director) what the client wants in terms of design. From there, I design and develop a website that fits best within their market, without neglecting certain design principles (which can be very different when designing for the web). Sometimes it's simple, sometimes it's not... but regardless we're always up for a challenge.

After getting client approval on the design, I code a static xhtml/css template which is almost always integrated into a content management system (expression engine, wordpress, drupal, etc) and that's where the back-end developer's come in and make all the functionality a reality. The best part about it all is having the ability to create something new almost everyday while at the same time having the feeling that you're helping a company or organization succeed in doing so.

Job Title: Designer / Front-end Developer
Company: Spearia
College: Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, MI

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