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Daniel Andres

You may have seen me riding around Down Town GR on one of the Spearia mopeds, or maybe driving one of the white Spearia Van's with the slogan "Let's Face It, Your Website Sucks, We Can Help!" Well I do actually have a job with Spearia, and I am currently working on the sales and marketing side of the business. I am responsible for finding new business, as well as building and maintaining relationships with communities, companies, and individuals. I am also leading the small business division at Spearia, where I am in charge of sales and responsible for the development of all the marketing materials for this new service. We hope with this new service that we will now be able to better service the small business community in Grand Rapids. I am also responsible for finding new and innovative way's to grow the small business division, and help Spearia become the leading experience-based creative firm in Grand Rapids!

Job Title: Business Development
Company: Spearia
College: Grand Valley State University, Seidman College of Business, Marketing, Grand Rapids, MI

Jeff Casemier

I design web sites that communicate each client's story in a compelling and memorable way. I work to understand the organization's brand and business objectives, as well as the site user's expectations and desires. My goal is to integrate these into a web experience that communicates effectively, looks and works beautifully and builds meaningful relationships.

Job Title: Senior Art Director
Company: C2 Group
College: Calvin College, BFA, Visual Communications and Photography, Grand Rapids, MI

David Elliott

I am designer and front-end developer for Spearia ( a relatively new web marketing and development company. I work with a ridiculously talented team of young designers and developers in an environment that is both open and exciting.

Essentially my job is to help interpret (along with Creative Director) what the client wants in terms of design. From there, I design and develop a website that fits best within their market, without neglecting certain design principles (which can be very different when designing for the web). Sometimes it's simple, sometimes it's not... but regardless we're always up for a challenge.

After getting client approval on the design, I code a static xhtml/css template which is almost always integrated into a content management system (expression engine, wordpress, drupal, etc) and that's where the back-end developer's come in and make all the functionality a reality. The best part about it all is having the ability to create something new almost everyday while at the same time having the feeling that you're helping a company or organization succeed in doing so.

Job Title: Designer / Front-end Developer
Company: Spearia
College: Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, MI

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