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Bob Sloma

I provide investment management services, specializing in helping people with retirement planning, IRAs and 401(k)s. Those who are near or in retirement, the self-employed, small and mid-sized business owners especially appreciate the individual support and services that I provide.

I am always looking for new potential clients with my investment management company, Sigma Advantage Investments. I am targeting small to mid-size business owners and the self-employed and those nearing retirement. I offer independent, fee-only investment management services of IRA Rollovers ($100,000 minimum investment) and for self-employed or small/medium sized business owners and their employees (minimum initial investment of $1,000 with a monthly automatic investment minimum of $50). I utilize six model portfolios to custom design portfolios for clients based on their risk tolerance and investment time horizon for major life events, e.g. children going to college and retirement.

I also provide financial and retirement planning on a fixed fee basis. I provide these services for investment management clients as part of my fee-only investment management services. My clients also receive the relevant newsletters, based on what they are invested in, from my investor education and newsletter organization Sigma Advantage, LLC. My specialties include:  IRA Rollovers, 401(k)s, SEP IRAs, Pensions, Trusts, Financial planning e.g. College funding, Retirement Planning.

Job Title: Principal
Company: Sigma Advantage
College: University of Toledo, MBA, Finance, Toledo, OH

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