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Kedron Rhodes

I've been a problem solving design professional for 13 years, and have delivered award winning Web experiences for universities, senators, congressmen, government agencies, and 1 presidential candidate (Mike Huckabee). As a designer I advocate for elegant solutions that meet business needs while delighting users.

I began my career as a design apprentice in the publishing industry and quickly realized that my passion for design could define my career. I've spent countless hours in Photoshop and Illustrator, while also making sure I keep up with HTML & CSS best practices.

At its core, I believe design is about solving problems. In that sense, everyone at Atomic could be considered a designer. We all work together on teams to build products, creating easy and elegant solutions to problems and challenges. That being said, my primary role in these teams will be in the realm of visual communication, from graphic design to front-end coding.

Job Title: Designer
Company: Atomic Object
College: Cornerstone University, Business Administration, Grand Rapids, MI

Sivabudh Umpudh

I work as a software developer at Atomic Object, a software product development firm. The really neat thing about working for a company that builds things for other businesses is variety; you get to work with different industries, domains, people, technologies,  and sometimes even in different places! For example, my current project might involve developing an enterprise desktop application for a Fortune 500 company, but the next one could as easily be a revolutionary iPhone application for a 2-person startup that wants to take over the world!

As a person who loves learning, Atomic Object has provided me with plenty of opportunities to "drink from the fire hose" so far. I've been learning new programming languages, new tools, and a totally new software culture. I'm thankful to my teammates for their skill in explaining things to me, which had made the experience much more fun.

I got my start with Atomic Object, oddly enough, through Google searches about software development best practices; their website would often show up in the search results. After seeing their site enough times, and taking a serious look at their values and what they do, I was convinced that I wanted to work there. I applied, and it's been a very positive experience so far.

Coming to Grand Rapids from Los Angeles, I was at first leery about how well I could adapt to a totally new place. After I've been here for a month, however, I have to say that I'm loving it so far. People here are courteous, there's comparatively no traffic, and it seems like there's always something to do. But please check back with me after my first winter! ;-)

Job Title: Software Developer
Company: Atomic Object
College: Computer Science, University of Southern California, Masters of Science, Los Angelos, CA

Brittany Hunter

Atomic Object designs and builds world-class software products for a variety of clients. As an Atom, I get to spend time helping our clients imagine what their product could be like and discover what their users' wants and needs are. Throughout the process of developing an application with my team, I create the look and feel for an application, participate in discussions about information architecture and usability, and contribute to writing the front-end markup for websites and applications. I am thrilled to be in a challenging position that allows me to exercise my natural creativity in many different areas and work on a wide variety of projects. I am also continuously working to diversify my skillset and stay up-to-date with the cutting edge of software development practices and technologies.

Job Title: Designer
Company: Atomic Object
College: Grand Valley State University, Frederick Meijer Honors College, BA in Classics, Allendale, MI

Mark Schmidt

I help run BizStream, a small software company that is dedicated to customer service and software solutions that fit our clients' budgets. I am passionate about building and maintaining a team of highly skilled people that love what they do and enjoy doing it every day of the year. I enjoy writing code and working directly with our clients.

Job Title: Founder/Software Developer
Company: BizStream
College: Grand Valley State University, Computer Science, Ann Arbor, MI

Samantha Ringler

I provide executive assistance to the CEO and other EC Group staff as assigned.  At EC Group we build software teams for our clients out of our office in India.  I am excited to be a part of a company that is so passionate about making a difference in the world and having a positive impact in India.  My duties include but are not limited to: monitoring daily email activity, assembling daily work and project lists as well as calendars, monitoring project completion, maintaining correspondence, coordinating meeting and travel arrangements, coordinating Global CEO Network events and activities, coordinating staff events and meetings and other various projects.

Job Title: Executive Assistant
Company: EC Group International
College: Grand Valley State University, Public Administration, Emphasis in Personnel, Minor in English, Grand Rapids, MI

Brian McKeiver

My job description would actually be a very long one. I enjoy being a Senior Software Architect, leading our team of developers, supporting our customer base with any technical issues, and networking with other businesses and local individuals that may need our services. Sometimes all of those happen in the same day!

Job Title: Partner
Company: BizStream
College: Grand Valley State University, Bachelor of Computer Science, Minor in Information Science, Allendale, MI

Alan Smith

I first started with ADP in 2006 where I was a Workforce Consultant (sales).  I had tremendous success in the Grand Rapids area and took a promotion in April of 2009.  This new role was titled "National Field Consultant" which consists of traveling the country working on high profile accounts. train sales leaders across the country on the latest sales techniques, development projects and increase total sales within "Major Accounts."

Job Title: National Field Consultant
Company: Automatic Data Processing
College: Grand Valley State University, Bachelor of Arts, Business Communication and Business Marketing, Grand Rapids, MI

Jeremy Anderson

I develop primarily web based software applications using various technologies such as Java, Groovy, and Ruby on Rails.  When I'm not writing software, I'm usually writing about software.  I'm currently  
co-authoring a book for Manning Publications titled "Flex on Java", and have recently published a two part article series in GroovyMag (, a magazine focused on developing applications with the Groovy language.

Job Title: Software Developer / Freelance Author
Company: Atomic Object
College: Davenport University, GRCC, Information Systems, Grand Rapids, MI

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